Genesee Valley Calligraphy Guild

Coming Workshops

May 2017 - Our Own Lorrie Frear will teach Capricious Contemporary Coperplate!
Capricious Contemporary Copperplate Calligraphy

Throughout her teaching career, Lorrie has worked with and for many departments and schools within CIAS, other Colleges at RIT and other universities to create innovative and challenging collaborative learning experiences for students. In all of her courses, Lorrie places emphasis on creativity, curiosity, conceptual and critical thinking skills, individual challenge and growth and professionalism.
Lorrie's scholarship includes calligraphy and contemporary lettering, collaborative learning experiences and literacy. Her interests in design and the visual arts are diverse and eclectic and include calligraphy, community involvement, and contemporary issues in design, contemporary lettering, packaging design and typography.
In addition to her teaching responsibilities, Lorrie serves on the Marketing Committee of Music is Art, a not-for-profit organization, is the Faculty Advisor to KEEP Rochester and the Hand Lettering Club.
Prior to teaching at RIT, Lorrie was a designer in corporations, consultancies, design firms and an advertising agency. She has worked in Boston, San Francisco, Buffalo and Rochester. Lorrie currently creates personal greetings with her own company, Underwraps
Lorrie has received several awards from the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences for outstanding contributions to teaching, scholarship and innovation.

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Past Workshops

In May of 2014 we hosted Randall Hasson for a weekend workshop - The Shape and Texture of Calligraphy.

We enjoyed a couple of workshops with Carrie Imai, in this one she taught Italics: Formal to Funky.


In January 2006 we held our first annual Play Day, playing with paints, inks and paper. We meet every January for learning and fun.

Past instructors have included:
Annie Barnhardt (Gail Vick Barnhardt) - Design; Pencil Romans, Italic refresher, Foundational, Neuland, Pointed Brush Lettering
Toi Clawson - Colored Pencil Techniques
Sandra Collins - techniques of card-making for calligraphers
Nancy Culmone - Decorated Letter Quest
Sharon Hanse - Dimensional Calligraphy, using cut paper techniques, cut-and-fold, embossing
Carol Henshaw - "Positively Pencil", Introduction to Foundational
Carrie Imai - "Playful Letters" and "Italic: Formal to Funky"
Rosie Kelly - Paste Paper
Sherri Kiesel - Contemporary Decorated Letters
Sherrie Lovler - Copperplate
Roann Mathias - lettering on fabric, transferring images to fabric
Ruth Vaughan - Papermaking Techniques - creating paintings of paper

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