Genesee Valley Calligraphy Guild
Nov 2017 Program

Old business: - thinking about locations for an exhibition - Peace exhibit is on display at the Clover Center until Thanksgiving

New business: - Lisa Fox has supplies from a former calligrapher, suggestions for how to distribute or otherwise use them are welcome - Our brochure needs updating; Phyllis Brown has a current version

Pop Ups with Lisa Fox & David Dowd - Grain of the paper makes a big difference in how it folds. Fold with the grain for best results.

- A single angled fold from the top of the card forms a perfect base for a decoration to pop up when the card is opened.

- Press folds firmly with a bone folder or other tool. This helps them flex smoothly.

- Always cut from the fold.

- Remember to leave part of your cut design attached to the body of the card. If you cut out the entire design, it will fall off rather than popping up.

- Challenge yourself to think of different ways of decorating your folded pop-up.

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