Genesee Valley Calligraphy Guild

Store Web Sites
John Neal, Bookseller
Paper & Ink Arts
Barnes & Noble
Graphic Chemical & Ink Company

Instructor's or Instructional Web Sites
Reggie Ezell
Bruce McEvoy's Watercolor Guide
Manuscript Pen Lessons pages
Medieval Writing
Islamic calligraphy lessons

Enhancing calligraphy with the computer - Ray Ritchie
Scanning Large Artwork
Scanning Tips
Permanence Ratings for Digital Printing Devices
PhotoShop Tutorials
Explanation of Vector and raster graphics

Book Arts Tutorials - Lots of links to tutorials
Douglas Jones - Bookbinding Tutorial
Making Books with Children - Free Projects

Guidelines for Restoration and Preservation
Templates, Instructions, Ideas - Southworth Paper

A Guide to Calligraphy for Weddings, Invitations and More

Online Tools
Gridlines - Margaret Shepherd
Grid / slant lines
Generate PDFs of grid / slant lines; lots of options

How to Paint Backwards

Calligraphers and Calligraphy Groups
Cyberscribes - an e-mail list of over 1,000 calligraphers and lettering artists from around the world
Cyberscribes Graphics Board - a dynamic board used by Cyberscribes to post artwork, pictures of tools, pictures to illustrate techniques, etc.
Cynscribe - a treasure trove of calligraphy-related links, including sources for supplies, book arts, collage, hands, instruction. One of the most comprehensive lists of calligraphy-related links, if not THE most.
IAMPETH - The International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting; contains scans of many out-of-print books and lessons in pointed-pen lettering
LetterSpace Nexus - another list of links, related to lettering and type design
Roann Mathias
Annie Cicale
Cari Ferraro
Mike Kecseg
Jane Parillo
Ray Ritchie
Ziller of Kansas City - Rich & Vivian Mungall
Rory Kotin - NYC calligrapher - samples and price chart

LetterWorks - Salt Lake City, Utah - 2017

GIMP - GNU Image Manipulation Program (free)
GIMP for Windows
Inkscape - Free Open Source Vector Graphics Program
line generator
Ductus - line generator
Scribblers Guideline Generator

The Genesee Valley Calligraphy Guild does not endorse any particular resource. We provide this list as a reference tool only.

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